Thursday, October 28, 2004


I don’t care whatever people say. I seriously think Sharifah Aini was the source of Siti Norhaliza hate mail (I can’t believe I am blogging this matter when I don’t even have any of their CDs).

In the news today, forensic police could not detect any foreign substance in her blood allegedly injected some liquid with syringe into her back.

I think that is nonsense. This case has been going on for a while. She’s wasting taxpayers money. It cost a lot for the police to investigate her. And, wasting people’s time reading her story in the news paper.

I remember, my mom’s and brothers generation adore her. Yes, she can sing very well. But, last year when I went to see her perform at Istana Budaya, my lost all the respect I have on her. She actually threw her tantrum while performing with VIPs watching. She stopped in the middle of her singing and ask the stage people to switch off the smoke effect (dry ice). She was quite rude about it. Tak malu depan ornag ramai. It was an insult to the organizer and the guests of honor. Frm then on…I have no respect at all.

A friend of mine went for umrah with her. My friend said when Sharifah Aini was in Mekah, dshe could not even complete her umrah. She could not even wake up from her room. She did not complete her umrah.

It’s also well known that Sharifah Aini sued her own mother when she was younger.

When the cop find out she's making all this up, she should be stripped from her datukship!

Apa punya orang!


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